Case studies

Case studies - New industry

Biomass to replace fossil fuels in cement industry - Finnsementti Oy, Parainen, Finland

Biomass use in the Dutch cement industry - ENCI, Maastricht, the Netherlands

Alternative and biomass fuels in cement production in Slite, Cementa AB, Sweden

Biomass to replace fossil fuels in ceramic industry, Ceramica Outeiro do Seixo SA, Portugal

Use of biomass in agricultural industry: Cítrícos del Andévalo, Villanueva de los Castillejos, Huelva, Spain

Optimizing the utilization of agro-industrial waste, Daka Biodiesel, Denmark

Biomass fuel use in EKOFRISA, Lithuania

New technologial unit for biomass combustion, EVECO Brno s.r.o., Kojetín, Czech Republic

Biomass to replace fossil fuels Faber-Castell, Stein, Germany

A world leader in using alternative fuels in cement production - Norcem Brevik, Norway

Cement industry, Perlmooser Lafarge Mannerdorf, Austria

Biomass in mechanical industry in PPS group, Inc., Detva, Slovakia

Biomass to replace fossil fuels in food industry - Riso Scotti Energia, Pavia, Italy

Biomass use in food processing industry - Saldus meat processing factory, Latvia

Use of alternative fuels and environmental actions in cement industry, TITAN Group, Greece

Biomass to replace fossil fuels - Wilton 10, Teeside, United Kingdom

Use of animal fats to produce electricity and heat in the food industry, Aigremont s.a., Les Awirs, Belgium

Case studies - Biomass heating and cooling

Biomass heating and cooling, case studies